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If I were an Expat (8/10): During the assignment

In previous posts we have discussed the importance of obtaining the immigration visa, the relocation process, the expat letter, taxation and other preliminary topics. Once we arrive in our country of destination, there are some questions that can help us in our landing to make it as smooth as posible. It is important to ensure your family adapts to the new country and culture. Family: Nothing helps you more than knowing that your family is adapting nicely to the new environment so you can focus on your job. In this context, companies do very well taking care of your family and investing in anything that can facilitate their landing. However, it is essential that, for at least the first few weeks you devote time to your family. Do activities with them over the weekend and spend the first moments together. Also, do not be shy and ask your manager or contacts in the destination country to introduce you to other expatriates. In many cases, your Expat collegues will become

Si fuera un recién licenciado (4/9): La preparación de la entrevista detrabajo

La entrevista de trabajo es el momento clave en la mayoría de los procesos de selección. Desde el punto de vista del entrevistador los objetivos básicos son saber si el candidato PUEDE y QUIERE, es decir: Saber si el candidato tiene las capacidades y competencias para realizar el puesto de trabajo (PUEDE) Conocer si tiene interés en el proyecto y desarrollo profesional que la empresa le puede ofrecer (QUIERE) Cuando se cumplen estas dos premisas, se suele decir que el candidato encaja. Es importante tener en mente que el proceso de selección es un proceso de encaje. Si las capacidades o intereses del candidato son distintas de las requeridas, no será seleccionado, y este hecho no tiene nada que ver con la valía profesional de cada uno. El entrevistador suele tener experiencia en procesos de selección, y además normalmente ha preparado la entrevista a conciencia ya que ha invertido tiempo en describir la necesidad (perfil y puesto de trabajo), seleccionar los CV y

If I were an Expat (9/10): The return

It is advisable to start preparing your return a few months before the end of your assignment. In most cases, the Expatriation is agreed for a maximum of 2 or 3 years. Then, you may be offered an extension but the total length is normally 5 years or less. T alk to your bosses and find out what they have in mind before you start planning for your return. If you are asked to stay and you reach an agreement to continue the assignment, all you have to do is make the necessary arrangements to extend your stay: Sign an addendum to the Assignment letter Confirm the validity of the visa during the extended period Notify the landlord of the lengthening of the rental, register your kids in the following school year,   etc. Once the extension has been ruled out, the time is ripe to plan for the return.   In regards to personal and family matters, remember: Giving advance notice to your landlord and preparing for your house and school at home, etc. Confirm if there is a