Parental leave in Sweden

I just read the new study from the McKinsey Global Institute about gender parity. It stresses how advancing women’s equality can add $12 trillion to global growthHere is the link to the full report

The analysis calculates a Gender Parity Score (GPS) with metrics such as "legal protection and political voice" or "essential services and enablers of economic opportunity" to rank the different countries.

The report highlights that Parity tends to increase with per capita Gross Domestic Product and that Scandinavian countries rank specially high.  For instance, female participation rates in the labour market are amongst the highest levels in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

In the case of Sweden, current regulation provides for 480 days of parental leave with benefits, with 60 days reserved specifically for each parent. An interesting study if you are curious about this matter.

PS. If you like the picture, read more here.