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If I were an Expat (2/10): Making your mind up

When making the decision of accepting an Expatriation, personal and family matters are taken into account, and they are just as important as the professional arguments. So when we speak of expatriate compensation, we can not think only of monetary remuneration, we need a broader concept. Total Compensation : This concept emerged in recent years to draw attention to the fact that  remuneration is not only about money (salary, bonus and other benefits,) as training, career development opportunities , recognition, etc. are very important topics that the Company should care about. If we adapt this concept to the world of Expats, we can distinguish three perspectives when analysing Compensation: Professional: learning and improving skills and competencies, formal and informal training, increasing employability , improving career opportunities , etc.  F amily or Personal derived from the experience of the family, including the ability to learn languages ​​(one of the most valued