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If I were an Expat (1/10) - Managing your own career

It is important to consider how your Expatriation fits in your career plans and what your situation will be at the end of the assignment.  My experience is that one of the most frequent problems for an Expat is the frustration experienced when returning home.  In many cases, it is the result of a combination of factors, including non fulfilled expectations that are known as the  " Expat Syndrome": "The company promised me a promotion at the time of return and now they do not have the promised job for me " "They always said it would provide a boost in my career and I'm back to the same position I was before leaving " "I do not understand how my company does not take advantage of everything I have learned during my stay ," etc. . The Psychological Contract  : The theory of  the " Psychological Contract " would say that the company and the expatriate reach a psychological contract at the beginning of the expatriation w

Trabajadores desplazados al Extranjero, Expatriados (1/10)

La posibilidad de trabajar desplazado en el extranjero es un reto profesional muy atractivo y cada vez más frecuente. A la hora de plantearse una Expatriación, es importante considerar cómo encaja en tu carrera profesional y cual será tu situación al finalizar el traslado.