How recruiters use Social Networks to attract Talent

Companies are increasingly using the Internet and Social Networks to attract talent. According to the Article How recruiters use social networks to make hiring decisions now, 93% of the consulted recruiters use LinkedIn to find potential candidates, 66% Facebook and 54% Twitter. Some examples of how companies are using the Internet:
  • Brand positioning: Portals and company profiles on the various Social Networks where the brand is positioned with pictures, Corporate Social Responsibility actions, business activity, etc.
  • Publication of vacancies with instant visibility to all candidates who have already shown interest being followers in Linkedin, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Tuenti, Pinterest or any other Social Network.
  • Direct search of profiles whose information is already available in the Internet with instant access to recruiters.
  • References, identifying people who know the applicants through Social Network or companies they have worked for.
  • Analysis of online surveys, followers and  visitors of company profiles and posts (number of views, likes, characteristics of followers), etc.
In addition, the use of different Internet tools such as email, Skype, Oovoo or WhatsApp is accelerating communications between candidates and companies. No doubt, the Internet has revolutionized the world of recruiting.