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Do we value Diversity at work?

Diversity at work can help attract talent, increase creativity to find solutions and improve the understanding of business needs amongst other things according to the experts Kossek and Lobel . But do we value Diversity at work? At Hewlett Packard while I was the Diversity lead for the Personal Systems Business at European level, I started to investigate the attitude of young men and women towards Gender Diversity. I wrote an article with  Antonio Nuñez Partido and Belén Urosa of the Universidad Pontificia Comillas that was published in the 12th IAJBS Forum de Beirut in 2006 . The research was carried out through a questionnaire of 25 items around Diversity that was answered by 214 university students. The results show the participating university students value positively diversity  in general and gender diversity in particular. So they perceive the advantages of a diverse workforce in terms of attraction and creativity. This is good news. Nevertheless, further research

Success factors for a Sales Incentives Plan

Incentives drive behavior. There are two areas in Human Resources where incentives play a fundamental role:   Top Executives & Board Members Sales Force In the sales environment, the design and communication of sales incentives is key to achieve the business goals. I have experienced mergers and changes in strategy where sales incentives have been fundamental to reach the business objectives.  The success factors of a sales incentives plan can be summarized in three key points: First of all, a  design aligned with the business strategy stresses the need involve business managers to ensure the plans incentivize the right behaviors. It is also important to include finance in the design team as they will bring a pragmatic view on measurement and reporting.  The HR lead will play a double role as: Compensation Expert,  to ensure a best in class design to influence the desired sales force behavior. Design Coordinator, involving all parties so all points of view are ta