Uses and limitations of Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a wide term applied to machines performing intelligent task. Machine Learning (ML) is a part of artificial intelligence. It is probably the part that is currently evolving faster and it is indeed revolutionizing many s

The application of Artificial Intelligence in human resources has an enormous potential, but it faces some challenges that are becoming very evident.

ML takes advantage of huge amounts of data to notice things that humans are not able to detect because of the volume and complexity of the information to be analyzed. An example of AI, which is not ML, would be a computer programmed with chess rules. A computer can calculate alternative movements fast enough to play chess at a good level.

Los peligros de las redes sociales: el "FOMO"

La digitalización de nuestras vidas es imparable. Cada vez usamos más el móvil, y no para hablar por teléfono, sino para usar el WhatsApp, navegar por internet, consultar aplicaciones, jugar o realizar compras online. Pero, ¿somos conscientes de los posibles peligros que entraña un uso intensivo de internet?

Desde hace años se está investigando en distintas áreas sobre las posibles consecuencias negativas de nuestras nuevas costumbres en las distintas vertientes: físicos (lesiones de espalda o cuello), seguridad de la información y privacidad, psicológicos y sociales, etc.

El peligro psicológico ya ha sido investigado en diversos estudios y se llama FOMO, acrónimo en inglés de ‘Fear of missing out’, que significa miedo a perderse algo en las redes sociales o a quedar excluido.

Public Speaking: A Key Management Skill

I happened to be having a coffee with a friend and his wife when their daughter came to the living room and started to talk about the world of ancient Rome. 

I understood she was practicing for her public speaking competition at school. 

She had to speak for 2 minutes about the Roman Empire or a related subject. She had chosen Julius Caesar. What an interesting topic! I remember reading about Julius Caesar when I was young: "I came, I saw, I conquered". 

I remember Sulla, his enemy and how he conquered Gaul defeating more than 300 different tribes. His adventures are still very present today. You still hear people talking about "crossing the Rubicon River", the boundary between Gaul and Italy, evoking what Julius Caesar did when he was heading to Rome to fight Pompey. His trip to Egypt, Cleopatra... The story that struck me most was his murder. How could it happen? He was the most powerful man on earth. Can you imagine Brutus and a crowd surrounding him? 23 stab wounds in his body! I found it unbelievable.