Machine Learning Applied to Online Recruiting

The article Application of Machine Learning Algorithms to an online Recruitment System  is an interesting paper that describes a Machine Learning (ML) methodology to make the hiring process more effective. I thought it could be a good example to talk about ML and reflect on the massive selection processes we face today.

In a previous post I discussed the opportunities and challenges of applying Machine Learning (ML) to different areas within Human Resources.

The conclusion was that ML may facilitate the job of recruiters, but it will not replace them, at least as things stand today.

¿Qué es la corresponsabilidad?

La corresponsabilidad es un término importante en la lucha por una efectiva igualdad laboral entre hombres y mujeres.

La corresponsabilidad se refiere al justo reparto entre hombres y mujeres de las responsabilidades domésticas y familiares.

Según la guía de corresponsabilidad, "La corresponsabilidad es el reparto equilibrado de las tareas domésticas y de las responsabilidades familiares, tales como  su organización, el cuidado, la educación y el afecto de personas dependientes dentro del hogar, con el fin de distribuir de manera justa los tiempos de vida de mujeres y hombres".

Gender Equality and Birth Rates in Spain & Sweden

Gender Equality fosters birth rates and economic development in modern economies.

I have found an interesting article that explains the rationale behind putting Sweden and Spain in perspective. The paper analyses the relationship between birth rates and attitudes toward Gender Equality in a range of countries. The conclusion is that traditional family structures in developed countries correspond to lower birth rates, while other countries with more Gender Equality in the workplace have higher rates.