What Career Should I Choose?

The first Viking Rule to build a successful career is to choose a career path that suits you. In other words, get to know yourself so you can find your "vocation". 

Your vocation is the place where your talent meets what you like and what the world needs.

Let us talk about these three things: what you like, what you are good at and what the world needs.

1. What you like.

Most job coaches emphasize the importance of working on something you like. The truth is that it's hard not to agree with this statement, but ... What does it mean exactly? Is it about the content of the work? Does it refer to the lifestyle that comes along? Maybe both at the same time?

Expatriación o Asignación Internacional a largo plazo

En el lenguaje común hablamos de un expatriado cuando nos referimos a una persona que está residiendo en un país distinto de su país de origen.

En el mercado laboral, y desde una perspectiva más técnica, se suele entender este concepto de una forma más restringida:

La Expatriación es un traslado internacional temporal con compromiso de retorno al país de origen, que se incentiva con ciertas compensaciones y ayudas temporales durante el tiempo que dura la asignación.

Las Expatriaciones suelen tener un horizonte temporal de entre 1 y 5 años, conllevan el mantenimiento del contrato en el país de origen. Este concepto se distingue de las asignaciones a corto plazo que suelen ser por un periodo inferior al año (aunque luego se puedan prolongar) y de los traslados permanentes que suelen conllevar la formalización de un contrato local en el país de destino.

(Otras definiciones ponen el límite de la asignación a corto plazo en los 6 meses, ver el enlace ¿Qué es un expatriado?)

Viking Rules to Build a Successful Career

Everyone has a place in the labour market. 

Nevertheless, sometimes, specially when we face difficulties in our way, we perceive our place is hard to find. 

These guidelines are mainly aimed at recently graduated students who look for their first job. 

I have named these rules as "Viking" as they remind me of the attitude of these brave Scandinavians.

The rules include both personal and professional aspects, and short & long term actions. Naturally, these rules apply equally to men and women. 

The Viking Rules to Build a Successful Career can be summarized in 5 points:

A) Get to know yourself
B) Understand what the market needs
C) Invest continuously in training
D) Act as a Viking
E) Last, but not least, enjoy the journey.